R 26 clutch / starter interface

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R 26 clutch / starter interface

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When using the kick starter, the clutch must be engaged to to free the kick starter from its maximum up position and move the kicker down 1 inch. Release the clutch with the kicker in its new position and the kicker engages and turns the engine over. This procedure must be repeated every time the kicker is engaged. Do not think a chipped tooth is the issue as it happens every time. The kicker returns to the top of its stroke every time by itself but must be rotated down 1 inch to enable the kicker to function as intended. Thanks in advance for you advice.

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Re: R 26 clutch / starter interface

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Doesn't sound right. I know on both of my vintage bikes, sometimes the kicker will lock up...I kind of have to be ready for it and not really jump all over the kicker. When that happens, I pull the clutch hand lever in and use the kicker to reposition things inside the transmission. But I don't have to do what you're talking about every time.

Duane Ausherman talks about the /2 kick starter about half way down this page. While he's not talking about a single, I'm sure there's a lot of similarities.

https://w6rec.com/bmw-2-motorcycle-tran ... nd-repair/

How does the gear oil look when you drain it? Has this been happening every since you've owned the bike? I suppose if you have a routine to work through this, just keep doing it. But if you begin to see particles on the drain plug or more than just basic fuzz, then it might be time to have it looked at.
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