saddle bags for R50/2

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Wow, that tail light is

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Wow, that tail light is really bright.
Your bike looks great.
mike wex/stagewex
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About the tail light

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Yes, the LED tail light is a monster, and when the brake light is engaged it doubles the intensity. People I ride with say that it is visible from half a mile away. I bought it from Vech. It was made by Bruce Branstad, an engineer who lives near me. I think he has stopped making them but I notice that Vech still lists it on his website, so he may have a few left. It's about $100. There was an alternative version made by Jim Franzen (Culayer), but I tried it first and it was not as bright as the one from Bruce. In fact, I just checked the Culayer website and the BMW lights are no longer listed there. I guess the market is too small for dedicated /2 lights to be profitable.
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Finally got them installed

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I finally got my Oldtimer bags painted, hand striped and installed. I think they look great.
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Congratulations on the beautifully restored BMW

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Congratulations on the beautifully restored BMW

your Oldtimers TEAM :)

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