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Need Suggestion

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Need Suggestion

Post by chrisjordan07 »

Can anyone suggest the best bike for me?

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Re: Need Suggestion

Post by schrader7032 »

Welcome! What has been your riding history? What would you like to do on a bike...short trips, long tours, rides to scenery...? What is the level of your maintenance skills?
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Re: Need Suggestion

Post by mshields »

I think it depends on your budget, your cycling experience, and how intense you want to ride. You want to choose one that caters to commuters, racers, or mountain bike. I started by deciding what I wanted to DO with the bike. I have several different bikes. Each has special features but each is capable of meeting my needs. And I made the decision based on these factors: solid, reasonably wide tires, good storage capacity, and bags, evenly spaced gears, not too expensive. Hope you will find the bike you want best with your needs.

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Re: Need Suggestion

Post by blacknight »

. . . . . . . but this IS the /2 Conversions page you posted your Q to. do you know what a conversion is?
we don't know your tastes, funds, age, style of riding. So this is an open and really un-answerable q posed to the group.

best o luck to you

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Re: Need Suggestion

Post by Slash2 »

this is a very strange thread. The OP asks a rather broad question then never follows up. Two other posters I don't recognize answer the question under the assumption the OP is referring to bicycles. Something is rotten in Denmark.

This smells like bots.
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