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leaking drain plug R50

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leaking drain plug R50

Post by noe7542 »

I know it's a very simple issue but at a loss to solve. Drain plug leaks on R50. Always a new crush ring and torque to specification. Always leaks. Is there a sealer anyone has tried to stop the leaking? Anything else can be done? Appreciate everyone's experience

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Re: leaking drain plug R50

Post by schrader7032 »

Have you checked the sealing surface of the drain hole to be sure there are no burrs? Maybe try a new drain plug? If yours doesn't have the magnetic insert, now might be the time to try one.
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Re: leaking drain plug R50

Post by Daves79x »

The drain plug threaded insert is welded/brazed into the oil pan. There can be pinholes in those welds. You can have it re-welded or if the hole is tiny, epoxy the weld inside. My R69 has that problem. Just waiting for the next oil change to fix it. Only drips a few drops a week, but I had just changed the oil when I noticed it and didn't want to drop fresh oil to fix it. Throw in one of the magnets Vech refers to - they are the best! I just got two more for upcoming projects.


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Re: leaking drain plug R50

Post by CWRoady »

I had this problem too. Bought a used/new-to-me pan … and still had the slow drip at the drain plug. Purchased a new drain plug, chased the threads of the pan … and still had the slow drip at the drain plug. A little JB Weld over the brazed section of the pan near the drain plug and no more drip. Must not be that uncommon of an issue if it affected the two pans I have.
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