R60/6 Speedo/tack edging

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R60/6 Speedo/tack edging

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The raised rubber rim or edging on my speedometer and tach are separating and breaking off.
Is there any way to repair this or is their a repair kit?

Thank you.

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RealOEM shows the part number

Post by schrader7032 »

RealOEM shows the part number as 62111356676...MaxBMW has it listed on their site for about $25. They suggest a little glue to hold it on.
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Re: R60/6 Speedo/tack edging

Post by WheatonMotorwerks »

Boxer 2V has the repair parts available as well, I used a little film of "seal all" to secure it. Its not a difficult repair, consider installing a CAT dash upgrade while you're at it!


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