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I'm having a hell of time figuring out what modern fluids for my engine and final drive are best for my '53 R51/3. I can't find the straight 30 motor oil I used to use for the final drive and, here in Toronto, Canada, all they're selling for motorcycles are "newly formulated" motor oils. Any advice? Thanks. R.

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For problems like that I like

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For problems like that I like to use eBay. Fine people that ship for free or lowest cost. Walmart if you have them. Sometimes lawn mower shops sell single weight oils. Valvoline has 30 & 40 wt. oils with high zinc content good for flat tappet engines.
If you want motorcycle specific oil that maybe another problem. I have been using car oils for my motorcycles for 50 yrs. Havent lost one yet. Even modern car oils are better now than the old motorcycle oils....just sayin.
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