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Reparaturanleitung BMW R26/27

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German.

Reparaturanleitung BMW R50/60/69

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German. Very thorough, but not particularly easy to work with.

Reparaturanleitung BMW R51/2

Workshop Manual (reprint) in German only.

Service Bulletins: 1955-1969


These reprints cover /2 and R27 technical modifications and recommendations made by the factory as these bikes were improved. Available from Cycle Works, Inc.

Special Tools Catalog

A reproduction, printed in the USA, contains specifications and actual machinist's blueprints for all the factory tools required to service most models from 1950-69. Text in German only.

Steib Sidecar Parts Manual

A reproduction, printed in the USA, features exploded parts views for all Steib sidecars.

Super Profiles: BMW R69S

Harper, Roy

This long out of print book from the Hanes Publishing Group was part of a series of photographic profiles of classic motorcycles, each focusing on a specific make and model. This volume features richly detailed photos of every aspect of the R69 and R69S, including road tests, accessories and aftermarket BMW products common to this marque.
Hdbd. 56 pages, over 120 B&W and color ill.

The 10K Maintenance Manual

Chicago Region BMW Owners Association

Do it yourself and save money. Covers the 10K maintenance check-up for all R-bikes up to 1983.

The Art of BMW

Gantriis, Peter

For 85 years BMW has been building some of the world’s best motorcycles--an accomplishment that this lavish book duly celebrates, with exquisite photographs and detailed descriptions of classic bikes, along with a concise history of the legendary company. From the first model, the R32, through the bikes that catapulted BMW out of the ruins of World War II, to the latest motorcycles with the revamped opposed-twin-cylinder “boxer” engines that brought the company its first fame--these are the bikes that made BMW great. Forward written by Fred Jakobs of BMW AG.

The ChiTech Electric Manual

Chicago Region BMW Owners Association

Covers troubleshooting and repair of the electrical system of all R bikes from 1955 through 1990. All wiring diagrams are included.