Title: BMW Profiles 1: Motorcycles from Munich, 1923-1969
Published by: BMW Mobile Tradition
Release Date: 1997
Pages: 107
ISBN13: 083761225X or 978-0837612256

An absolutely stunning and beautifully designed book. It covers the history and development of all model ranges up to 1969 in individual chapters, and has a model-by-model specifications list at the end of the book that is the most complete I've ever seen. Includes a period reproduction BMW poster. Currently the book is out of print but may be available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 107 pages, 111 B&W ill.

Genre: History, Out of Print
Title: BMW Profiles 4: Motorcycles from Berlin, 1969-1998
Published by: BMW Mobile Tradition
Release Date: 1998
Pages: 128

As in Volume 1, this is a record in words and pictures of all the BMW motorcycles produced at the Berlin-Spandau plant, with an extensive data list. Includes a period reproduction BMW poster. The book is available through your local BMW dealership, Amazon, or from Motobins.
Hdbd. 120 pages, B&W and color ill.

Genre: History
Title: BMW R69 & R69S Super Profile
Published by: Haynes
Release Date: 1983
Pages: 56
ISBN13: 0854293876 or 978-085429387

The BMW R69 & R69S Super Profile by Roy Harper, now out of print, was published in the UK in 1983 and is a hardback edition in 8.5" x 11" format, of 56 pages. The book has nine chapters, Foreword, History, Evolution, Specifications, Original Road Tests, Owners View, Buying, Clubs Specialists & Books and a Photo Gallery.

Genre: History, Out of Print
Title: BMW Road & Race Motorcycles 1920-1992

Recently reprinted and just as quickly sold out, this book by veteran BMW authors covers all road and competition bikes, singles, twins, triples and fours.
Sftbd. 128 pp., 120 color ill.

Genre: Competition, History, Out of Print
Title: BMW SportBOXER/BoxerSPORT 1969-1997
Genre: Competition, German Language, History
Title: BMW Twins Restoration
Published by: Osprey Pub Co
Release Date: 1992
Contributors: Mick Walker
Pages: 240
ISBN13: 1855321912 or 978-1855321915

Covers model-by-model technical changes, development, appearance and accessories. Includes yearly model charts, factory alterations, specifications, color schemes and appendices.  Available from Amazon.
Sftbd. 240 pages, over 220 B&W ill.

Genre: History, Technical
Title: BMW Twins: The Complete Story
Published by: Crowood Press
Release Date: 1998
Contributors: Mick Walker
Pages: 192
ISBN13: 1861261535 or 978-1861261533

This comprehensive and well-written book tells the full story of these horizontally-opposed machines. Contains in-depth development and racing history, full specifications and technical analysis. All road, off-road and racing motorcycles, as well as military and police models, are included.
Hdbd. 192 pages, B&W and color ill.

Genre: Competition, History, Technical
Title: BMW-Motorräder -Entwicklung, Typen, Technik

An extensive and comprehensive model-by-model history with complete technical specifications, and data on BMW racing machines.

Genre: Competition, German Language, History, Out of Print, Technical
Title: BMW-Motorräder -Typen und Technik

A model-by-model history of BMW road and racing motorcycles from 1923 to 1980, including technical details and tables. Text in German/French/English.
Hdbd. 350 pages, 310 B&W and color ill.

Genre: History, Out of Print, Technical
Title: BMW: Freiheit auf zwei Rädern; Charakter einer Motorradmarke
ISBN13: 978-3430161220

A photographic history of BMW motorcycles from the R32 through the 1976 R100RS to the 1981 R65LS.
Hdbd. 160 pages, 286 B&W and color ill.

Genre: German Language, History, Out of Print
Title: BMW/2 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual
Published by: Barrington Motor Works

From Barrington Motor Works, this manual has been in preparation for almost two years and is worth the wait. This is a comprehensive and very detailed how-to manual for the /2 owner/restorer. Step-by-step instructions are provided along with a listing of tools needed for each job. The manual contains 512 pages with more than 450 photographs as well as more than 60 original illustrations. Laminated workshop assembly guides are included with the manual as well.


Genre: Service Manual
Title: Boxer, BMW Motor Cycles from 1969 to 1985
Published by: Bodensteiner Verlag
Release Date: 2006
Contributors: Andy Schwietzer
Pages: 176

Subtitled Volume 1 - all airheads with twin shocks.

This beautiful hardback book printed on heavy, coated paper, is the translation from German of the first book in Schwietzer's two volume set covering all of the Airheads. Illustrated profusely and with many pages in full color, the book is a joy to the eyes. The text includes many sidebars highlighting interviews with people who designed and produced the motorcycles we love, including Hans Muth, designer of the R90S and the R65LS. The book includes extensive technical information about each model. The chapter on paint codes and colors, which includes color plates, is wonderful in its detail. 168 pages in total, it seems like so much more. Here's hoping that there's not too long a delay in the release of the translation of the second volume.

Genre: Competition, History, Technical