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Handbuch R50US-R60US-R69US

Owner's Manual (reprint) in French, English and Spanish.

Handbuch R51/3-R67-R68


Owner's Manual (reprint) in French, English and Spanish.

How to Restore Your BMW Motorcycle: Twins 1950-1969

Slabon, Roland
Motorworks International

This is the Bible for owners of the Munich twin. Incredibly detailed and richly illustrated, it covers all aspects of correct restoration of the R51/2 through R69US model range. Included are detailed chapters on authentic factory and aftermarket accessories and sidecars. It also includes specifications, special tools list, wiring diagrams and a listing of parts/restoration resources and reference material.
Sftbd. 224 pages, over 220 B&W ill.

Illustrated BMW Motorcycle Buyer's Guide, 2nd Edition

Knittel, Stefan & Slabon, Roland
Motorbooks International

Perhaps the best catalog of BMW's motorcycles so far produced. Filled with photos of bikes, a narrative history of the company and its bikes, and very useful appendix of model years and serial numbers.

Motorcycle Collector Magazine

A high quality magazine devoted to all aspects of vintage and classic motorcycling. Limited classified ads.

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Motorcycle Shopper

Another large listing of motorcycle classified ads. Also lists upcoming events, club addresses, etc.


Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht: A Photo Chronicle

Hinrichsen, Horst

Documents the day to day life of wartime German soldiers on their motorcycles. Includes detailed information on various paint schemes of German motorcycles during the course of the war, and detailed information on the BMW R75 and the Zundapp KS750. Available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 192 pages, over 300 ill.

Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle & Panzer Reconnaissance Units

Scheibert, Horst

The first documented account of the organization, equipment and operations of these wartime units. Available from Amazon.
Hdbd. 175 pages, over 250 ill.

Rebuild Videos: Engines 1955-1969; Transmissions /2, /5, /6 and /7; and Wheels

Cycle Works

Engines 1955-69 Part 1, 107 minutes

Engines 1955-69 Part 2, 61 minutes

Transmission Rebuild /2, /5, /6, /7, 120 minutes

Wheels, 63 minutes

Reparaturanleitung 1951-1954 BMW

Workshop Manual (reprint) in French, English, Spanish and German.