The “Un-Meet” at Bench Mark Works ๐Ÿ—“ ๐Ÿ—บ

At the moment, the gathering at Vech and Elaine’s for the annual non event is May 1-3: The Annual Veteranen/Vintage BMW Meet at Bench Mark Works. The difference between the non-event and the earlier annual meets sponsored by Vech and Elaine is we bring our own meals or have our sit down dinners at Pap’s in Ackerman after a caravan ride there from Sturgis. And of course, if you like mouth watering rib eye steal or a rack of ribs, there is Sonny’s place, also in Ackerman.

Vech has a 1915 Ford Model ‘T’, a car built 104 years ago in Highland Park, Michigan. Weather permitting and with the approval of the owner, rides will be available!

RV space is only available at city park, about one mile from Bench Mark Works LLC. For RV space rentals at City Park, call Sturgis Town Hall at 662-465-7970.

Bench Mark Works LLC is located:

  • Twenty miles west of Starkville, MS
  • Nine miles east of Ackerman, MS after you get off the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Three hours west of Birmingham, AL

Sure hope to see you there!

Bench Mark Works LLC
89 Earles Fork Rd
Sturgis, MS 39769
662 465 6444
BMW MOA Ambassador #9462

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3400 Earles Fork Road, Sturgis, MS Map