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Production Model Years
   1937 - 1940

Frame and Engine Numbers

   Frame numbers
    300001 - 315654
   Engine numbers
    300001 - 315387


Model Documentation


Model Specifications

Bore x Stroke (mm)72 x 84
HP @ RPM14 @ 4500
Compression Ratio6.0:1
ValvesOHV, 2 per cylinder
ClutchDry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission4 speed, hand shifted
Final DriveDriveshaft
Running Gear
FramePressed steel, rivetted
Front SuspensionUndamped telescopic fork
Rear SuspensionRigid
Front Brakes180mm drum, single leading shoe
Rear Brakes180mm drum, single leading shoe
Spark PlugsBosch W175T1
GeneratorBosch RD 47/70 6V 45W
Capacities & Measurements
Top Speed100kph
Number Produced15386
Note: The R35 production was moved from Munich to Eisenach during WWII. Eisenach ended up in the Soviet zone afterwards, and the plant began manufacturing R35s again. At first this was from existing stocks of spares and using the original tooling, but changes eventually were integrated and the production continued through two major updates before completing in 1956. The East Germans continued to badge the bikes with the BMW logo and use the BMW name until BMW sued and won. The R35s were then renamed as EMWs — Eisenacher Motoren Werke, and came with very similar badges in white and red. The early postwar bikes are essentially identical to the prewar machines, except that their serial number begins with a 2 instead of a 3. For this reason, collectors must beware forgeries, which are very common.

The information provided here was obtained from a variety of public sources and may not reflect official BMW archival data.
Please contact the BMW Archives for official data regarding models.