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Production Model Years
   1923 - 1926

Frame and Engine Numbers

   Frame numbers
    1001 - 4100
   Engine numbers
    31000 - 34100


Model Documentation


Model Specifications

Bore x Stroke (mm)68 x 68
HP @ RPM8.5 @ 3200
Compression Ratio5.0:1
ValvesSidevalve, 2 per cylinder
ClutchDry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission3 speed, hand shifted
Final DriveDriveshaft
Running Gear
FrameTubular, brazed double loop
Front SuspensionUndamped, trailing link, dual leaf spring
Rear SuspensionRigid
Front Brakes150mm drum, single leading shoe (early models had no front brakes)
Rear BrakesV-block pressed into dummy rim sheave, heel operated
IgnitionBosch magneto
Spark PlugsBosch W145
GeneratorBosch magneto/generator
Capacities & Measurements
Top Speed95kph
Number Produced3090
In an era when motorcycles still closely resembled the bicycles they derived from, the purpose designed and built R32, with its double loop frame and shaft drive really stood out from the crowd. Even though BMW had already been building proprietary motors for half a dozen motorcycle producers for a few years, their decision to put the cylinders across the frame made an existing concept fresh. Introduced at the Berlin Motor Salon, the first units didn't appear until late in 1923.

The information provided here was obtained from a variety of public sources and may not reflect official BMW archival data.
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