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/2c ~ Ergonomics / Braking & Shifting.

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/2c ~ Ergonomics / Braking & Shifting.

Post by blacknight »

Attention to Details ::
On all BMW's the left cylinder is forward of the right cylinder. We have all gotten used to having the Foot Pegs situated as such, a shorter left than right.
WHAT . ~ . ~ . ~ you say !
I didn't know that ! . I did hear this statement not to long ago.
Well we just get used to it, don't we. So on a conversion WHY ? I ask do we need to have our feet offset?
Here shows a right Brake Side having a long foot piece. It's needed because the rear brake arm needs that longer foot rest piece. If you l 👀 👀 L closely, I have curved my arm w/ an arch under the foot rubber & & tilted the foot PAD slightly. That's called ergonomics. Our bodies natural motion in regards to seating position. My foot, maybe not you, , , , , but My foot tends to make pad contact towards the outside edge. I want more 'square' foot contact.
. . . . . .. . shit that puts most to sleep, ho-hummmmm! BFD ! right .
for me it's not.
NOW ~ onto the shifter side. do you use a short Foot piece or make it equal to the right & & use a LONG foot piece.
To answer that you need to know your feet. you need to know what shifter you're using and how to shift. when having a stock one piece foot 'shifter' you are stuck with having to leave the arm short. If you utilize the later 'articulating' shifter that is adjustable, you can alter your way of thinking. That's what I present here. A different way to think outside the box.


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Re: /2c ~ Ergonomics / Braking & Shifting.

Post by MikeL46 »

I used a long (left side) footpeg on the right side of my conversion and on my solo bikes. To make it work I cut the pivot off the short footpeg (later model twin w/footpeg mounted shifter) and welded it onto the longer footpeg. Add a longer rod to the shifter mechanism to finish it off. Or, make a new rod with rod ends (heim joints) on both ends.

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