/2 front crankshaft spacer between bearing and slinger

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/2 front crankshaft spacer between bearing and slinger

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Has anyone found it necessary to change source or fabricate a crankshaft spacer to better center the crankshaft in the engine case? Barrington discusses it. My front slinger has a .5mm clearance with the bearing carrier which seems close but satisfactory. The back slinger has about 1.5mm everything else appears perfect. According to Barrington I should consider replacing my front spacer with one that is thicker to better center the crank. The back bearing of course floats. I'm wondering if anyone else has considered this. There don't appear to be different sizes of spacer listed from BMW. The rods are very close to being centered. Barrington suggests measuring the front spacer mine is 3.5mm but I don't recall them suggesting to measure the back spacer. Thinking out loud I wonder if i tighten the rear main bearing aligner will reduce the rear slinger gap. It was tight but maybe slipped a bit when pulling the crank forward. Thoughts?

Benchmarkworks: 11 21 0 016 212--$10.95--spacer crankshaft front & rear R51/2-R67/3 R50 R60
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