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Better mugs

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 12:13 pm
by jwonder
I would like to see better pictures on the mugs. If we had better pictures for each model ever created by BMW, I would buy one for each one of the models I own.

No, I don't own all of the models and I wish I did!!

Re: Better mugs

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 3:45 pm
by WarrenM
Hey James,
Agreed, we do need better images for the products so if anyone has some great images (that you own the copyright to) and are willing to share, we would love to be able to use them on products. We will even give you credit in the stores product descriptions. BMW Motorcycle related Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) files are also a highly coveted but a rare element in the design world that would be useful to have if anyone has any to share.