Clutch Slipping on R50; Oil turns Black quickly; Piston ring gap -all related?

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Will try new rings then!

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Im going to give it a shot.
If the problem does end up being "blow-by", and the tighter ring gap stops the oil from going into the clutch via the main seal, I'm wondering if I still would need to open up the clutch and clean out the oil, or whether it would burn off?

I will try the less invasive route first. If that fails, then I will go deep and dismantle/ clean the clutch out and change out the main seal.

This used to be fun!
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If you have free play at the

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If you have free play at the clutch arm on the back of the transmission and still have slippage, then it is time to pull the transmission and check the rear main seal. Of course, if you think new rings will improve the situation then you really have nothing to lose by trying that and seeing if it helps.

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