Old dirty r69 - from basket to bike.

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Re: Old dirty r69 - from basket to bike.

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Appreciate this thread and what you are doing with your bike. I am currently refurbishing my '55. The frame has a dent in the downtube below the steering head where the Earls front end mated with it (along with one on the left back from a Brown side stand I have been told). The front axel didn't slide in as smoothly as I felt it should either. I anticipate getting the frame and forks back from the frame shop soon, so yesterday I was boxing up the additional parts I plan to take for powder coating. Your latest posts motivated me to disassemble the horn and take it in as well. Thanks for the motivation and sharing your journey.
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Re: Old dirty r69 - from basket to bike.

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If you don’t have it already, I recommend that you get a copy of The Barrington Motor Works ‘BMW /2 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual’. It is well worth it.
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Re: Horn Adjustment.

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wa1nca wrote:
Tue Jul 28, 2020 4:14 pm
Picture are good now
I have 2 of the same horn
Dont adj the screw in the back
The adjustment is the screw on front and locks in place when the nut is tightened
The Bosch HO/FDF is a great horn, very loud

Did you get your horn working
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Adjustment overkill?

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Tommy - horn is beeping now - thanks. I just had to crank that front screw down further than expected.
Frostman - I've heard a lot about that book - man it's pricey though. I've accumulated a lot of literature and pretty much have everything I need at this point - but I do hope to check that book out one day. Seems to be the gold standard.
CW - Thanks for the kind words. Glad you got you horn sorted as well.

I'm kinda hanging out waiting on my top end work to come back now. I was looking at the spark advance and thought it would be nice to have an adjuster there, since I don't plan to hook up the cable. I made up this little guy - which may have been a bit overkill. I really only needed one nut on it for example, since the holder is already threaded. Originally I was just going to put another acorn on the bottom - but there wasn't really room for it. Ended up going with a cotter pin. I'll use it once probably to fine adjust and then lock it all in place.



Hope the machine work comes in soon - I'm getting antsy.


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