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Hi Guys, I'm in Cincinnati

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Hi Guys,

I'm in Cincinnati (S.W. Ohio)... Now at least 4...

Cincinnati, OH
Mike - Cincinnati, OH

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Glad to hear from all of you and my fellow Ohioians.

I've shuffled around a few of my bikes since the first post....sold a few and added a few others.

I picked up a 1965 VMW conversion (any help from you guys to identify original builder or any history?)

Also found and currently working to get a 1956 R69 back into service.
So.....suggestions as to who is the local (Ohio/Michigan area) expert to look into slinger cleaning and overall engine inspection? I will remove it and deliver to said expert.

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Here's a place just east of

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Here's a place just east of Cincinnati, with a good reputation. They redid my '67 R69S engine, including the slingers. The late Lenny Kirkhoff used them regularly, and it's where he sent the engine when he did a complete restoration of the bike a few years ago. Lenny was well known and highly respected throughout the midwest, and especially so in the Cincinnati area. I trusted his judgment implicitly.
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