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crank removal

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crank removal

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This may have been covered once or twice but, I have to bring it up again. When disassembling a motor heat is your friend. I've almost finished with wrenching for others. Had a fellow show up at my door with an incomplete motor asking me to fix it. He was trying to remove the crank and it got stuck halfway in the process. He wasn't heating up the case enough to release the rear bearing. To repeat myself, heat is your friend.
Another issue... Awhile back I posted that one of my 69S's was not starting due to low compression. This bike was a rebuild I did in 2003. I had the cylinders re sleeved and new pistons installed by Cycleworks when owned by Ed Korn. Whoever he used for the machining screwed up the clearance and I was getting 80 PSI. it fired once and bike sat untiI last year. I sent the parts to Millenium tech and they confirmed my suspicions. Over bored and out of round. I probably won't get the parts back till after the new year. I'll give an update then.

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