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R51/3 - tail light improvement?

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R51/3 - tail light improvement?

Post by Micha »

I rode last night with a friend accompanied me for several kilometers.
This morning he called and said it wouldn't hurt for me to improve the rear light a little, because "he's already seen better ones". Is there a LED or halogen bulb (or any other solution you say) that will fit the rear light housing?
I run a 12 volt PowerDynamo alternator system and the current bulb has two filaments, as I have a brake light.
I'm looking for a plug & play bulb that is available at Amazon, eBay etc.
Michael Steinmann
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Re: R51/3 - tail light improvement?

Post by cwf »

75/7+ offroad sidecar; 50/2; R 35; XR125V; XR200A; Solex; 1939 Hillman Minx DHC.

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Re: R51/3 - tail light improvement?

Post by mcsherry1328 »

I have bought two led plunger frame type small round taillights. The first I bought from Bench Mark Works & the second from Max BMW parts. The taillights work amazing. I have a Motoraad Electric 12 volt alternator on both bikes. As you can imagine they are super bright. Modifying the original taillight was easy.

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