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Push rod tube sizes and compatibility

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Push rod tube sizes and compatibility

Post by Andey »

Hi everyone!

Anyone know if you installing a pre 75 cylinder with 16mm pushrod tubes, on an existing18mm pushrod tube setup, would work?

Are the pushrods compatible? Would I need to swap the pushrods for another part if I install the 16mm cylinder on?

The current cylinder completely failed a leak down test so I was looking at using a spare set of cylinders I have on the shelf. Didn’t realise they were pre 75 parts.

Thanks all!

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Re: Push rod tube sizes and compatibility

Post by spo123 »

Mid 1976 model year, the cylinder Jug spigots were increased in size from 97mm to 99mm. The newer 1000cc /7 models came out for the 1977 model year. I am unsure exactly when, the pushrod tubes were enlarged.
Thus, you MAY also have a spigot size difference to deal with....
spo123 '73 LWB R75/5

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