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77 RS trans shimming

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77 RS trans shimming

Post by jimcarrr100rs »

Hey out there! I am finishing up my 77 RS transmission and measuring for the shims. My question is about the rear cover and the fact that they can warp. I saw videos of people measuring the depth with a gauge that would span across the whole cover edge to edge because of this. I took a straight edge to see what mine was and found the biggest difference in the output shaft bearing pocket with a .003 gap on the edge by the other bearing pockets and .006 gap on the far edge.
It seems to me that I should use the .003 edge in my measurement for the shims instead of the .006 as the bearing would hit the .003 depth first and stop there.
I hope this all makes sense to you.
Thanks for any input, Jim.
77 & 83 R100RS, 56 R69

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