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Just going for it!!

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Dover Rider
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Just going for it!!

Post by Dover Rider »

Here is a one dedicated BMW enthusiast!
https://boingboing.net/2022/05/13/airfo ... cycle.html

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Re: Just going for it!!

Post by jwonder »

Big kudos to that crew!!!
James Wonder
Vice President, Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners
Long Island, New York

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Re: Just going for it!!

Post by ZebZ »

I sent this story to my uncle, Vietnam vet and naval aviator. He replied:

"Sure makes a special trip to NAS Floyd Bennet from Whidbey Is. for your dog look pretty outrageous. He loved the trip!"

To save you the internet search, Naval Air Station Floyd Bennet is in Brooklyn, NYC and Whidbey Island is off the coast of Washington state.

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