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R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

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R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

Post by shoe1151 »

I am restoring a r90/6 1974 model and having a rough time coming up with a good source for the Monza blue metallic paint and the white pin stripe color. Any Ideas or info would be much appreciated. I have read several threads about Holt but it appears they are out of business, they won't answer phone or return voicemail.
Thanks shoe1151

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Re: R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

Post by schrader7032 »

Yes, Holt is out of business. Snowbum has some discussion on paint codes and sources on this page:


You may want to search locally for painters and places that will use the computer scanner to identify your exact paint. Maybe they can use info to find the color make up for the paint and build it from scratch...give you some spray outs to evaluate.
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Re: R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

Post by Type247 »

Glasurit 538 is listed as the original color for the 1974 Monza Blau machines. It has been a few years now, but a local painter used it for my fenders and it matches my original tank pretty well. It is hard to describe, but when you look close, my original tank is slightly darker with maybe a hint of a shift towards a greenish hue. I have always wondered if it might be from the effects of 50 years of aging.

IIRC, he mentioned that the newer Glasurit paint is water based, so might not be an exact match with the older paint.

1974 R90/6

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Re: R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

Post by srankin »

One of the difficulties of trying to paint is matching paint. Formula changes in paints from the 70's to now make a noticeable difference in the way modern paint looks compared to older paint.
To be honest, getting an exact factory paint job in my opinion is only needed for show bikes. I would rather put the money saved getting a decent paint job versus a show job into the gas tank for riding.

That said, you do not have to just use Glasurit paint, given the paint code, PPG or any other well made paint will work. Or as suggested a good paint shop will have the ability to mix custom color.

I suggest that unless you plan to paint yourself, you go with the painter's recommendation of his or her favorite paint to use.

By that I mean the paint shop that did my bike last was not at all interested in using Glasurit paint, had never used it and wasn't about to buy it for a one time job. He used PPG products and had a ready source for them local. The cost of a custom color paint was also higher than I wanted to pay versus using the paint to match the number in the PPG catalog.

As it turned out, I got a very good paint job exactly the color I wanted for a decent price.

I don't recall at the time if the PPG catalog contained Monza Blue or not but it did have BMW colors in it. St.
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Re: R90/6 Monza blue and pinstripe color

Post by shoe1151 »

Awesome info fellas, I will talk to my painter and see if he can come up with something. Problem I have is who ever had the bike before me painted it burgundy so I have no Monza to match it to. I did read that the 538 paint code is for decals paint and pin striping, with the actual Monza blue metallic code being #038 , but still have not come up with the pin stripe color, I know it's a white but who knows what shade of white as my wife pointed out to me when we repainted the trim in the house!
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