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Carburetor cleaning

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Re: Carburetor cleaning

Post by BigWally »

Found out the hard way that even one pair of filthy carbs can foul Berryman's Carb Cleaner (dip can) badly enough to foul the next carbs. Did a filthy pair, followed by a fairly clean pair and the latter pair had the idle jets plug and other surfaces fouled to the point the slides would bind. Had to go back with spray carb cleaner, jet reamer, and thoroughly wiping surfaces free of fouling residue.
Will dispose of the fouled cleaner rather than fiddle with filtering it etc.
Might invest in an ultrasonic cleaner...
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Re: Carburetor cleaning

Post by mcsherry1328 »

I had a very similar experience. Then I recently bought a 6 litre ultra sonic cleaner from Harbor Freight. Very pleased with this new cleaning unit. Price $179. I also ordered some aircraft quality Simple Green Pro as a cleaning solution.

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