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Hella Blinker High RPM failure

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Hella Blinker High RPM failure

Post by kipwrite »

1960 R69, runs perfectly, fresh, fully charged battery, blinkers work at lower RPMs only. Once above maybe 2000 RPMs, the blinkers come on slowly and blink slowly, or fail to light at all. At higher RPMS they remain dark. Nice back at idle they work perfectly.

Headlight, horn, taillights do not show evidence of low voltage at high RPMs - things are nice and bright at all RPMs.

Checked the brown ground wire in headlamp - nice and snug. Relay perhaps 5 years old - it's black plastic box, white housing, 2 prongs, marked 6v 49amp 15.

Was going to replace this blinker relay - but perhaps I'm missing something and someone can point me in the right direction. This one seems strange and counterintuitive.

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Re: Hella Blinker High RPM failure

Post by schrader7032 »

Original thread is here:


Will close this thread to avoid confusion and diluting the feedback.
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