Anyone try Avon AM26 tires?

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Please update

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Please do let us know, I have mismatched tires on mine as well from the PO and have not ridden it yet. I was wondering if I wanted to go with Heidenaus.

James Wonder
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I used to run Metzlers all

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I used to run Metzlers all the time on my 74 R90/6 and 79 R100RT. Then I did a fly and drive with a 79 R60/7 from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan. I bought the Avon AM Roadrider tires based on their lower price to replace the knobbies that were on the bike. 6400 km ride and I am a convert. The bike was heavily loaded with "just in case" tools and parts. The tires handled great (day trip around the Cabot Trail), they barely twiched on grooved pavement and they have lots of life left after 6400 km. I run them on all my 70's bikes now. The only downside is they do not have the "vintage" look.

Just my experience.


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Avon Road Rider Follow Up

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I'm happy to report that I put 125 miles on a new set of Avon Road Riders today. Now we all know that new tires are always wonderful but I have to say compared to the Metzeler Laser Tech's that preceded them, there is a remarkable difference.

Conditions - 47-60 degrees (F), sunny and dry
Roads - Very good condition with twisties, sweepers, straights and decreasing radius reverse camber turns through the Hunterdon NJ countryside
Speed Range for this outing was - 0-60 MPH+
Type of riding - Spirited/ Hard
PSI - 35 front and rear
Miles - 125

Initial Impression is "confidence inspiring" - These tires are wonderful and make the bike feel sportier than it is. The bike is much quicker to turn in and the lean angle is greater than what I could confidently achieve with the Metzeler's (even when new). The old tires had a tendency to kick out in the rear under hard corning. Not so with the Avon's. They turn in quickly and hold the line. There is reduced tracking across grated bridge surfaces or squirming on road-snakes as well. The ride comfort is equal to the Metzeler's but that was never my complaint. The Avon's are far more compliant across all riding scenarios. I no longer have to think about tire performance related to riding style or the architecture of the road. The Avon's (even while brand new) have superior grip.

The tread pattern on the Metzler's favored tracking and squirming and the rear seemed to be quite square compared to the Avon rear tire profile. The Avon's are more of what we understand to be a typical mid-range sport tire but seem to suit the R60/2 rather nicely. As others have pointed out, they do not look "period correct". Not a concern of mine.

If you want to sacrifice handling for looks then these are not your tires. However if you're all about ride-ability and corning, the Avon's seem to be quite good. I feel as though I have a new bike.

Front - $76 - 90/90 18 V rated
Rear -- $93 - 100/90 18 V rated

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A Quick Follow Up

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Wow, another 175 miles today through the NJ Pine Barrens. My only additional observation is that these tires require a bit more input than the lazy Metzeler's (by the way the Metzeler Lasetec's are good tires, just not for me). Meaning the Avon's require a bit more counter steering during hard cornering. Yeeeee-Hawwww!

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Mounting Avon AM26 Roadrider tire 90/90-18 on rear of 1966 R27

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The Avon AM26 Roadrider 90/90 is listed as front mount only, but I was wondering if anyone here has used this tire on the rear because the recomended 100/90 is labeled for front or rear mount, but it doesn't look like the the 100/90 will fit under the rear fender at its narrowest place, the swing arm of the R27.

I talked to Vech about this and he said since we're not talking much horsepower here, and if the 90/90 front tire was mounted backwards, there shouldn't be a problem.

Comments are welcome from members who have experience with these tires on their singles and know which combination works and which doesn't. Thanks, Joe

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I would be interested too.

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I would be interested too. Does not anyone have any experience?

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