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AVGAS in motorcycles

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AVGAS in motorcycles

Post by bmwsog »

In the recent Vol 187 Issue 29 -real recent July-AIRHEAD DIGEST-
there is an interesting discussion of the use of aircraft gas-(AVGAS)
in some BMWs. At least one of the participants was convinced that
very few BMW cycles were left that might ever use small amounts of highly leaded AVGAS-
as is currently available in some airports throughout the U.S. ( Interesting albeit
inaccurate observation.)

For years, some older BMW owners of vintage cycles have added small quantities of AVGAS to their
tank gas, thereby increasing the lead levels for existing, sometimes original valves.
There are also gasoline additives ostensibly for this same purpose. I have used both.

The exchange continues, stating that the FAA plans to eliminate all leaded fuel, even AVGAS,
within the next 10 years or thereabouts. AVGAS has higher lead content than even the bad old leaded car fuel of the 1960s.
Efforts are being directed to encourage aviation engine manufacturers to change their designs and their ways.
The EAGLE/FAA program will probably soon be implemented in our more regulated states. For our on good, of course.
Remember, George Orwell used to own and ride a British Rudge cycle in the north of England. He used leaded gasoline.
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Re: AVGAS in motorcycles

Post by schrader7032 »

I've seen these discussions over the years on much older Airhead digests...I think Snowbum discusses it on his website somewhere. I did the same dance on my /7 for many years. I even used a substitute that Oak recommended for a while. Although I didn't use AvGas, I did buy a container of VP racing fuel and metered it out in my tank. Toxic s$lT so I stopped that. Eventually when I reached a point that I couldn't stomach anymore, I did a top end and put in unleaded valves/seats.

Use of non road-approved leaded gas is basically against the law. So there is that!!
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