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A Singular Bulletin-The R 27 mystique

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A Singular Bulletin-The R 27 mystique

Post by bmwsog »

In about 2008 I was at Craig Vechorik's Benchmark Works and managed to ride the R-27s of both
Richard Scheckler and Kevin Reimer. They were both peppy bikes and I still remember both rides.
Kevin had replaced the stock carb with a Bing from an R 50. Kevin's R 27 made a memorable ride
from Tallahassee, FL. to Redmond, Oregon.

So when the chance to obtain a 1965 R 27 surfaced recently, I decided it was time. I know the owner
and the bike's history from the West Coast to the Southeast. Just have'nt quite taken delivery yet as the
bike is one state away.

And then I chanced upon the Spring 2000 issue of the Vintage BMW Bulletin. There it was: A Singular Passion;
Allan Atherton's odyssey of an R 27 re-discovery and rebuild. It is almost required reading for those who might be
discouraged or daunted by the Zen required to restore an abandoned, abused or homeless waif of a vintage BMW.
I can partially identify with the challenge having restored to running condition, with help-a 1951 R 51/3 ( The model
with the sheet metal fork shrouds.) It is articles and effort like this that will remind us of what we are all about:
" A band of brothers " united in a common thread of both appreciation and the challenge of vintage motorcycles.
LTC R Marriott--Current-1951 R-51/3
1962 R 69 S 1975 SS R-90 S
Past:1974 SS R 90 S, 74 R 90 , 77 R 100S, 1960 R 50/2,1973 R 75/5, 1977 R 75/7, 1977 R 100 , 1972 R 75 /5

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