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NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE/Greetings From the President

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NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE/Greetings From the President

Post by kirkpatrick3890 »

Greetings everyone!

As the president of the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners I welcome everyone who comes to the Forums, and thank you for visiting, researching and networking here.

You need to know "we", the team at Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners, work hard to make everything we offer world class and we are always looking for ways to make our club better and to improve.

In that regard, I would like to hear from anyone about anything; but in particular we want to know how to improve, answer any questions you may have, and hear what suggestions you have.

At our website under Contact Us are listed all the email addresses for the Club's various functions: social media, advertising, president, etc., so you can email us about any function.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and

Thank you for being a member,

Mac Kirkpatrick
Mac Kirkpatrick
President, VBMWO

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Re: NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE/Greetings From the President

Post by bmwsog »


Better late than....

Keep up the good work.

Ridge Marriott
PS-I put a note in the Stew Pot
LTC R Marriott--Current-1951 R-51/3
1962 R 69 S 1975 SS R-90 S
Past:1974 SS R 90 S, 74 R 90 , 77 R 100S, 1960 R 50/2,1973 R 75/5, 1977 R 75/7, 1977 R 100 , 1972 R 75 /5

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