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Hearing protection

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Re: Hearing protection

Post by bmwsog »


Thanks for the tips. SP may work for me.
I dive still (Former military)-and have combat exposure in Vietnam. (VA rated tinnitus & hearing loss).
Have to watch h aids as pressure or contact pushes wax against /closer to ear drums.
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Re: Hearing protection

Post by OldCrow »

I've been using foam plugs since I started riding again back in 1996. I'd already damaged my hearing while in the USN. I put plugs in for any ride that is not a short test ride listening for something. When I'm going to be wearing them for more than a few hours, like when I'm doing IBA rides, I'll give the plugs a very light coating of vaseline and will generally replace with a new pair after 2 pullouts during a ride. I buy the Howard Leight Max Lite 200pair box. Comes out to about 12cents a pair last time I bought a box. I carry several spares on each bike and in my Aerostitch.
The key is to learn how to install them. More folks than I can count try to just push them in with half the plug extending beyond the Tragus, had to look that one up :) then complain they don't work.

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Re: Hearing protection

Post by jeffrey »

I've had good success with these French-made wax earplugs called Quies. I've tried foam, custom, etc., and like these the best. I stick them under my arm to warm them up a bit before putting them in. They come covered in cotton in the box - be sure to remove the cotton with a little water.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000X ... UTF8&psc=1

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