Greetings From Ohio

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Greetings From Ohio

Post by krustybus »

Hello fellow BMW lovers!
My name is Kirk...I live in Northern Ohio...I've been into motorcycling for a long time, but I have only been into BMW's a few years now.
As the picture below might indicate, I seem to have a problem now.
1964 60/2
1968 60/2
1969 60US
1975 90S
1978 100RS MS
Looking forward to all the knowledge of this forum to help me keep them all on the road.
I hope to find some local riders to hang out with over the next year too.
My other big hobby is also aircooled...VW buses.
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What problem?

Post by stagewex »

Wow, that's a lot of vintage steel. I also have a '69 r60/2US.
I see no problem(s) at all. Welcome.
mike wex/stagewex
1969 BMW r60/2, US Model, 1995 BMW K75, 2006 Yamaha TW200, 2007 Ural Patrol, 1991 Honda XR250L

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Good to see Ohio representing

Post by Vin »

Good to see Ohio representing ! I am down near Dayton. Looks like you have a great collection.


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Post by 2valve »

Hi krustybus and welcome to the family. I have to be honest , i cannot see that you have any problems at all your just like the rest of us here !. Where all in love with our bikes !.

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Thanks for the comments. I

Post by krustybus »

Thanks for the comments.

I would love to try and organize a little putt around the Bass Islands, Marblehead Peninsula this summer.....if there is any interest.

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I'm 35 miles east of Columbus

Post by wolds »

I'm 35 miles east of Columbus in Newark. So we have three in Ohio. Let's ride!
2007 BMW R1200RT
1979 Yamaha XS650 "cafe"
1976 BMW R90S
1976 BMW R60/6

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Wow, you are not playin

Post by Gritzmore »

Wow, you are not playin around! Welcome aboard.

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Post by Slash2 »

So when did you begin assembling that fine collection of yours? I'm from western PA and it seems almost every BMW that comes up for sale in my region is from Ohio. I've made the trip west many times to look at a few /2's and 69s as well as a slew of 70's beamers and Honda's. Made a trip up through Ohio to Lake Michigan back in November to bring home an R100RS which is the most modern bike i've purchased in a decade.

We've got some of the best country roads over in my neck of the woods that you could ask for and I'm always up for a cruise! 15 bikes in the stable and I'd rather ride the /2 than all the rest combined. :)
64' R60/2 - 66' R27 - 51' R67 - 68' R69S
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Gone...but not forgotten...

Post by timhecht »

Grew up in Springfield, remember watching all the B-52s in and out of Wright-Pat. Neighbor was an Ohio ANG F-86 Pilot who gave me a ride on the back of his Suzuki X6 Hustler; next ride on the back of a friend's R75/5 in California years later.

Fast forward to my first bike, a '77 R60/7 with a Luftmeister Fairing, the an R100RT, followed by a K75S, K1100LT, and two different R1200Cs. I still have a '98 R1200C and a '77 R100S with an RS fairing on it.

When I lived in Westerville what I remember is Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio and laps on the track following a "donation" to the AMA! Almost got ran off the track (on my cruiser) by an idiot on his Goldwing who dove in front of me on a corner...thank god for ABS!

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Krustybus Live in

Post by jimkav »

Live in Cleveland
Selling 53 R67/2 w/53 TR500 sidecar
Will be selling early model (no timing hole) 1950 R51/2
(Engine done by vech at bench mark works-heads by ozzy at los gatos bmw)
Also selling 87 syncro tin top

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