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Post by Tinkertimejeff »

On hold, in progress, almost done or completed. Sometimes projects are from multiple years that might go from pre-war (yeh right) to the Air-Head or even early oil head bikes. A lot of members have them and some need a little prodding to get on them and finish them and some might be a little overwhelmed and think its best to share it and pass it on to another member that is looking. It might be a new topic but with a guideline that its not a for sale or wanted to buy and just a sharing topic for projects. Mine are:
1966 R 50/2 started as a Dark Gray and now is Police White. A complete color change after all the prep has been done takes some effort
1968 R 60US that is an original Granada Red bike that started out as a frame, and no matching # block and is now a numbers matching restoration after some intense work on gathering parts. I found the original engine block with the help of a good friend, wish he could enjoy the ride.
I also have an R 60/6 Police Tribute bike in progress that is waiting on wiring assistance
I have a '73 R 75/5 Red Toaster original paint bike with 9,360 miles complete and in waiting
A K 1100 Cafe' that is idling
An early Earles fork conversion Rat Ride that is actually a conversion / reverse restoration that might be an atrocity to purists in the crowd
All are on hold while I attend to a well thought out and very fun to build Rennesport Replica which is coming together very nicely.
Like others I have a fleet of riders that might need stuff and can distract so projects get sidelined sometimes.

Just a thought

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Re: Projects!!!

Post by Slash2 »

I posted this on your Rennesport thread but will re-post here.

I for one have a rather daunting queue of "project bikes" awaiting my attention. But with two daughters under the age of 2, the question is when will I have the time? Projects as follows..

1951 R67 - complete and running in nice original condition. Low mileage bike but deserving of a mechanical freshening.
1955 R50 - Missing the fenders and 1 wheel. Otherwise mostly complete, titled and matching. Needs everything.
1955 R69 - titled frame and engine to turn my non-matching bike into a matching one
1958 R69 - complete and running but non-matching numbers.
1961 R50S - complete and ready for a full restoration
1964 R69S - bought as a nearly complete project. Just needs to be sorted and few issues addressed.
1965 R60/2 with an R90/6 motor. Bought complete but hasn't run in a decade.
1966 R69S - bought as a titled frame with front end, motor, gearbox and final drive all matching numbers complete with carbs for $300 about 4 years ago. Garage sale. Sometimes you get lucky.
1968 R50/2 - complete and nice cosmetic bike. High mileage. Time for a rebuild.

I just completed a rather thorough mechanical restoration of my 1984 R80 G/S and have put 600 immensely enjoyable miles on the bike before pulling the final drive to get the drain threads fixed and now I've been sidelined for 2 months waiting for that to be resolved... but that's another story.
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