BMW Parts Worldwide

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BMW Parts Worldwide

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Hi folks....

Has anybody ordered parts from BMW Parts Worldwide ? They are in Orland Park, Illinois. They appear to sell parts for BMW motorcycles, BMW automobiles along with MINI. They have many obscure parts listed but no mention of “in stock”.

I do not order from online companies that have no phone number listed. BPW does have a phone number but no one is answering.

A different parts seller, one that is often mentioned on this forum, actually told me they have NO way of telling me if the part is in stock until I pay for it !!! I found this out after calling them about a part that hadn’t been received after Three weeks with no “on back order” notification. The seller said “Yeah, our system is a bit archaic”.

I ask about BWP because they are selling a “genuine BMW” $178.00 part for $137.

I usually like to support “Mom and Pop”shops, but the Internet keeps shoving me towards “will ship from San Francisco BMW”.

BWP......too good to be true ?

That’s the end of my rant. Thanks for any input. Brad Moore.
Brad Moore
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Re: BMW Parts Worldwide

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Never heard of them before. You're near Ted Porter in the Bay Area. There's Tom Cutter on the east coast.

What type of part are you looking for? Is this the clutch spring?
Kurt in S.A.
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Re: BMW Parts Worldwide

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A lot of BMW motorcycle dealerships don't or won't stock parts for airheads as it cost money to have parts sitting on a shelf so when you place an order, they rely on their supplier BMW or someone else to get the part from. They will have to order the part themselves and are then at the mercy of the delivery system. Welcome to the world of old bikes.

I looked at the website mentioned in this post and frankly, I would take Kurt's suggestion and contact the two companies he listed. I know if you contact and order from them, you will get the correct part for a fair price and in reasonable time.

I have dealt with Ted Porter, but have heard Tom Cutter is also very good to deal with.

I do order parts from Max BMW but as I said, I understand the parts are not on their shelf when I place my order and I take that into consideration. They do the best they can given the business of inventory and cost controls they are under.

One thing about airhead BMW parts and suppliers is not to always go with the lowest price from a company that is not BMW motorcycle oriented. I should say is not airhead BMW oriented. St.
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