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1978 R80–7 cruising speed

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Re: 1978 R80–7 cruising speed

Post by MikeL46 »

My German friend Gert uses redline as cruising speed. One caveat, before he added an oil cooler he did experience main bearing failures. I will admit that you don't notice much scenery when zipping down the length of Italy at over 100mph and less than 20mpg.

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Re: 1978 R80–7 cruising speed

Post by cwf »

Talking of brakes, my first BM was a 60/6, also used for work. I used to get 25,000 out of the front shoes and I would then get them refaced for cheaper than new shoes, perhaps twice before the bearing faces were worn. The drum went oval at 180,000. Having discs was a shock to the wallet - 4-5,000 for the pads (single disc) and 30,000 for the disc. Cast iron replacements lasted longer and the pads lasted longer and no rust problems because of high use.

Obviously for heavy use such as racing discs are better but for heavy normal use, good twin-leading shoe drums are better value in my experience.
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Re: 1978 R80–7 cruising speed

Post by spo123 »

They LOVE to SPIN!
5,000 RPM is fine ALL DAY LONG!
Shifting above 5,000 RPM, will get a small bit more power, however the sweet spot is TWIXT 4,000 and a bit over 5,000 RPM
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