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Installation of Hoske silencer on my '84 R80

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 12:28 pm
by SandyHackney
Some time back I had inquired here if the installation of a Hoske silencer on my '84 R80 would require rejetting. Thoughts given were probably not. I just installed it and two things: One, it gave a huge increase in power! The previous owner of 20 years was amazed when he rode it. Secondly, it began to idle very high and run rough. We worked on it for some time just with the idle screws and throttle cables. We got the idle down to around 1000 rpm, but it is running rough. Once we open it up though it takes off like a bandit.

Our local dealer has a place for me in 3+ weeks for a professional carb adjustment and hopefully that will fix it. I'll share the news. But again, want a power boost? Check out the Hoske.