Cylinder/engine gasket R60/5

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Cylinder/engine gasket R60/5

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I am putting on new cylinders on my R60/5. It is a alu gasket between the engine block and the cylinder foot. Du you recommend to use some thin siligasket on tube together with the alugasket??
Carefully around the holes for the oil on the yop bolts of course. Or only use the alugasket?

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Re: Cylinder/engine gasket R60/5

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I think yes to all that. The sealant you would use is a non-hardening type like Hylomar or Permatex Ultragray.

There is a thicker base gasket that can be used to reduce the tendency for the R60/5 (and other 600cc) to ping. The engine had high compression and the mild cam profile tended to create a situation where the bike would ping.
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