R75/5 exhaust

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R75/5 exhaust

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So, I'm putting back in service an R75/5 that has been in storage for several years. Currently it is fitted with Epco sport mufflers, Norton pea-shooter replicas, but I may go back to stock mufflers. In looking around I see mufflers made by Emgo at a good price. I am unfamiliar with Emgo. Can anyone comment on quality, fit, sound, etc. of these pipes? Many thanks.


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Emgo Mufflers..

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I rebuilt an R100/7 and went with MAC BMW Twin 1970-1984 replacements at $350. plus Shipping
Fit and finish is good..
Good Crome and they are called Whisper Tones.
They are louder than stock and have character. I would call it Beritone BMW. I like it on my Cafe.
Smooth and nice at high way speeds.
sent by priority mail from California.
I would buy again.

visit. macperformance.com

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I have installed that one:

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