New (soon to be) rider

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New (soon to be) rider

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Hi all.
I just picked up my first BMW (well, first non dirt-bike for that matter), a '69 R50/2. The bike was (allegedly) running fine when last used, and has since sat in the previous owner's garage since 1984 with the odometer a bit over 30,000 miles. I've been reading through the forum to figure out what the first steps are to get this thing back on the road. So...I'm pretty much emptying, cleaning, and refilling anything that needs oil. There was clean oil registering on the dipstick, but unfortunately some dirty gas in the tank. It'll take a little bit to get it running, but hopefully it'll be back on the road within a month or so. All the parts are there, the bike has just been sitting for 26 years.

I've been scouring this site since I put my first payment down a few weeks ago, and look forward to learning more and getting my bike going. Hopefully with a minimum of stupid questions! (But, for the first stupid front wheel is aluminum/alloy and the rear is steel...was this stock or was one just replaced over the years?)


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New rider...

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Based on what you are doing/going to do, suggest buying "BMW/2 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual" by Christopher Betjemann.
I think you can order the book direct from Barrington Motor Works, (603) 664-2673. Worth the money for the wealth of info provided in those 490 pages...others may suggest alternative/additional manuals as well....


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