Where to True Wheels?

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Where to True Wheels?

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often I simply use a smallish pair of jack stands

this kills two birds with one stone

wheel is off the ground

and locked in place

Kurt......... the head fasteners couldn't be in any better environment and if you toy with some fasteners..... you will see it is possible to torque from 49 to 50

and even 49.5 to 50

I can show you published procedures which do actually specify backing off head bolts prior to retorquing which leaves it reasonable to assume the manufacturers are capable of specifying exact and concise procedure

bmw sure is and they don't on the airheads

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Where to True Wheels?

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I have done a lot of work to my recent toy which is a 1967 R60/2 (I am a long time admirer, first time owner, but a newbie). Denfeld Solo Seat, Bar end turn signals, carb adjustments, etc. I need some advice from you experienced vintage BMW owners. I have called around thinking that trueing the slight wobble in my front wheel would be a simple task. However I have come to the conclusion that most don't mechanics don't want to touch the wheels. So now comes the question, who trues wheels? Do I take off the wheels, and ship it to a shop?

Thanks for your help on this one.

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