How to loosen exhaust system?

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You should make a demonstration video of your centerstand technique and post it on YouTube! You never know what it might lead to........

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How to loosen exhaust system?

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I installed a replacement original sidestand from Bench Mark Works on my R69S but the foot plate hits the crossover pipe on the exhaust. Craig Vechorek suggested loosening the exhaust system and moving it around to clear the obstruction, and it does indeed look as though the headers could move farther back into the exhaust manifolds to solve this problem (I only need to gain about 3/8"). BUT, I can't get either the crossover pipe or the vented header clamps on the cylinders to budge. Tried using a spanner tool from the original BMW toolkit, but no dice. :(

Any suggestions? I have already soaked everything with T-9...

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