Head Gasket Orientation

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When I installed the head gaskets on my 67 R69S I did not notice any marks or writing I just made sure that the holes for the oil passages were lined up properly. Have put 900 miles on it with no problems. hope this helps. but I am not an expert.
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Head Gasket Orientation

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I'm wondering which way the head gasket goes on my R69S. The gasket is symmetric along a vertical line so it doesn't seem to matter but I'd heard that these gaskets have built-in goo (technical term!) and it should go on a specific way. I've heard on the Airheads list that the lettering should be visible when installed. These gaskets have the lettering "AFM 20 Victor Reinz" plus 1.0 all over one side. Should the lettering be to the outside or facing the engine block?

Thanks...Kurt in S.A.
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