/2 Wheel Spokes

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BMW part numbers were the same for R26-27 spokes and the twins, there were 3.5mm dia. spokes and 4.0mm dia. spokes available for both. Duplicate what you have. As much as I dis-like stainless, I do use stainless steel spokes from Buchanan in California. Have them polished to look original. I re-use the little square retainers but replace spokes and nipples.....Comet

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/2 Wheel Spokes

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Thanks for the input. I've talked to John Landstrom at Blue Moon and one of Craig Vechorik's guys and gotten a lot of info from them as well.


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/2 Wheel Spokes

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Does anyone know the answers to the following....??

1) Do R27s and /2 twins of the same vintage use the same spokes? I think they are the same in length but I think I've seen different specs for the diameters.

2) Did the original R27 chromed steel wheels and the original Weinmann alloy wheels use the same spokes? I think the answer is "yes" on that one but I want to be sure.

3) I'm changing wheels on an R27 and going from the original chromed steel wheels to Weinmann alloys. I'm keeping the original hubs. What spoke components do I need (spokes, nipples, and bushings?).

Thanks....I've never been through this particular drill before...

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