Pleasant surprise and a question on front brake cable

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I figured the brake cable out. Forgive my rookie questions.

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got it. thanks

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Pleasant surprise and a question on front brake cable

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My newly acquired R60 had a single passenger seat on it with a very poor attempt at a padded cover. Yesterday, I pulled it off to see what was underneath. Imagine my surprise when I found a perfectly preserved rubber seat from Denfeld! After pulling and scratching off all of the old glue they used to stick the foam to it, it looks brand new!

I noticed that my front brake didn't work well, so I ripped into it yesterday to find out why. One of the calipers was frozen closed and obviously had been engaging that brake shoe for quite some time. Upon further review, I found out why. On the outside of the hub, where the 2 calipers attach to the cable, the caliper closest to the frame didn't have the threaded rod with the screw tightener. Therefore the cable was just sliding in and out and not activating the caliper, like the second one does. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on the threaded piece and the screw tightener? All I see advertised are the cables themselves. Much appreciated!
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