When were side reflectors added to U.S. bikes?

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jeff dean
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When were side reflectors added to U.S. bikes?

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I have since learned from a man who worked in a BMW shop in the late 1960s that BMW started putting side reflectors on slash-2s starting in February 1969 production.
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When were side reflectors added to U.S. bikes?

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Jeff, I feel, and a couple of others agree, that the reflectors appeared in mid 1968 in compliance with U.S. safety requirements. Along with reflectors came the extra red light in the headlight shell (high beam) front brake actuated stop light and turn signals. A black and white sticker above the rear fender hinge stated that the bike met all federal safety standards. I have a good picture of one but cannot verify the year. My memory says it was a 1968 but then the memory is not all that good anymore. It was an Earles fork without upper side car mounts, I sold it to Bob Alexander, perhaps he remembers...................Comet

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When were side reflectors added to U.S. bikes?

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I am trying to find out when side reflectors were added to slash-2s imported into the United States. The archives in Munich does not know.

Can you gurus out there help me out?

As we know, bikes in the U.S. were titled in the 60s until the dealer sold them. Thus, for example, a bike made in 1967 could be dated 1969, all depending on the sale date.

Ideally, I would like to get an idea of when side reflectors were added by engine numbers for R60/2, R69S, and R50/2. Presumably it was somewhere around 1967-68, the dates are not all that clarifying.

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Take a look at your slash-2 (if you have one!). If it HAS side reflectors on the headlamp "ears" and rear fender below the hinge, please send me your engine number at jeff.dean@att.net. When and if I get a feel for this, I will publish the result here.
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