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Modified Ignition coils

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Modified Ignition coils

Post by wa1nca »

The original and most replacement ignition coils have the primary wire going to the points soldered under the terminal connection for small brown wire going to the ignition switch to disable the spark when the headlight key is up as shown:
I like to cut the wire going to the points under the terminal connection on the coil tin it and connect it to the terminal with the small brown wire
this makes it easier to do a static timing because if using a ohm meter to see when the points open you need to disconnect the wire from the coil to the points a PITA
Just unscrew the point wire from terminal connection on the coil so your ohm meter will now read when the points open

I did not know that the replacement coils sold by Max BMW and Salis also where made the same way as shown:
12138004104_bmw_ignition_coil.jpg (7.91 KiB) Viewed 508 times
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