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One of my (small) complaints is the very slow throttle of the 1966 R60/2. Did BMW make a quicker throttle with the same appearance?

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Re: throttle

Post by vechorik1373 »

Concerning the 1955 - 1969 throttles:

"Did BMW make a quicker throttle with the same appearance?" The answer is no.

That is not to say that you cannot make a change in the speed of the throttle response. It would not be easy to do, but it could be done.
In the photo, is the cam gear and chain that pulls the throttle cables. As you turn the grip, it rotates and the chain wraps around the cam profile to pull the cables. By changing the cam profile, (making it higher) so it would pull the cables faster. It would require building up the cam profile, and re shaping it. It would be tricky to do, and you would need a good machinist to pull this off. Personally, I would not bother to try, you just need to get used to it, that is the way they are!

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Re: throttle


I was hoping for an easy way to do this. Not worth the effort to change the cam.

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Re: throttle

Post by jwonder »

They only made 1 cam.

You need to make sure it is timed right, your cam might not be timed correctly!

The line on the cam needs to be lined up with the little arrow on the throttle perch. I just happened to have one handy and took a picture. Notice the line is lined up with arrow and is in the middle of the "window", and the part that holds the cable is all the way down with a bit of free-play on the chain. That is proper alignment for idle. Try that, if it is not "timed" right it will make a difference!

Also note that with that set up properly, you should have about 2mm of free play in the throttle cables themselves. So, the wire holder is pulling tight against the perch and you should still have 2mm of free play in the wires. Hence, there will be movement in the throttle before you move the slides.

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Re: throttle

Post by wa1nca »

Thanks for that picture
Didn't know the cam and throttle housing had alignment marks
Makes sense that the chain at starting position should be at the very end and clearly shows when the marks in line up in your photo

I changed my throttle cam on my 1955 r50 because I also didnt like it
I now dont think my cam was original and someone shortened the cam chain by 2 links
Your photo shows it has 4 chain links

Seattlegs check your chain for 4 links and proper alignment as in James photo
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