'63 r60 losing power after warmed up

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Re: '63 r60 losing power after warmed up

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I am glad to hear that it worked out and the bikes are running well again. When I read those threads I made copies to put in my 3 ring binder. It's not something that is usually talked about in trouble shooting a running problem with these bikes. I have a couple of bikes that this should be done on them to avoid problems down the road.

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Re: '63 r60 losing power after warmed up

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Just checking in here. I now have 150 trouble free miles under my belt and the R69S is running beautifully. I’m starting to get to know “her preference” as they all seem to be individuals with regards to cold and hot starting. In spite of the cold temperatures here in Pennsylvania, I’ve been taking her out for 30-40 mile rides as often as my schedule allows. What fun!
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Re: '63 r60 losing power after warmed up

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Slash 2, that's terrific and reporting the same here! Colder temps as well in Massachusetts, but getting out there and the bike is going so well - 100+ miles. And, I also have gotten to know what the preferred sequence is for getting going, and there definitely is one.
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