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Believe I found the Smoking Gun for slipping clutch on R50! See Pics

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:33 pm
by westeagle
I experienced a slipping clutch recently with oil on the lower "shelf" and was expecting the worst: Possibly a leaky main seal caused by Blow-by from too large a piston ring gap etc...

First, I decided to remove the transmission and clutch for an inspection.

Gladly, I was able to take off the transmission without removing lower engine mounts, but I had to remove the pins for the rear swing arm and take off the rear fender and rear brake linkage.

Well this is what I found (See pics). Looks like oil was running along the clutch rod and working its way through the clutch friction plate.

I am hoping that a new felt for the clutch rod and thrust seal will fix the problem.

If it is the rear bearing seal of the input shaft, is it difficult to change that seal? Do I need to crack the transmission open? The transmission is the only place I haven't gone into on the bike...

If anyone has any more to add, it would be appreciated!



Re: Believe I found the Smoking Gun for slipping clutch on R50! See Pics

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:05 pm
by schrader7032
No, it's not that difficult to remove the front input seal to the transmission. You will need something to penetrant the seal and pull it out. Google "lisle seal puller" and see what looks like a small hammer but the ends are sharp and can be used to dig in then rock the seal out. Or you can put some sheet metal screws into the middle of the seal...carefully...and then use a slide hammer to pull the seal out.

You can search Brook Reams page for Lisle and he uses another style puller to work on the crankshaft seal on one of his bikes: ... haft-seal/

When putting it back in, carefully clean the area the seal rides on the shaft. It should be put back in flush with the transmission case.