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Headlight Shell Holes BMW R50

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:42 pm
by Frenia

I am finishing up my 1956 R50 and working on the electrical. I wanted to show my shell and verify the "holes". I realize my shell is probably from a later bike.

I'm showing pics of the back and bottom.
I will be putting on the bar end lights.

Please help me confirm my holes!

1. The back sides I suppose are the wiring from the handlebar switches and the middle back the wires coming from the bar end lights?
2. The bottom has a large and small hole. Is the large hole standard? Is it small hole for speedo cable and large for main harness? If so, is there a grommet available for the big hole? The big hole does appear original but I don't see in on other shell pics on the net.

Any help appreciated!

Doug F

Doug - I basically agree with

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:32 am
by schrader7032
Doug -

I basically agree with your assessment. On my R69S, it appears the large hole takes my speedo cable while the small one has the main wiring harness...both have grommets. As for which is which, I think the speedo cable needs to have a straight run up into the speedometer, so pick the one that works the best. Same with the three what ever makes the most sense for bundles from the left and right switches as well as bar end lights...sort of seems like the center one would be for the bar end lights, but that's not the case on my bike.